Using my circus family’s historic archival movies and photos to produce the 2-DVD set was, pardon the cliché, a labor of love—it took 6 months to edit the wealth of material my cousins and I had. When you’re stitching together a legacy as rich in talent as the Loyal Repenskys, time stands still.
   Uncle Giustino Loyal is the only bareback rider to perform a back somersault from the 1st horse to a 4th. Aunt Zefta somersaults from horse to horse. Her sisters Germana and Esterina performed unrivaled poses atop galloping Percherons. But the Loyal Repensky's repertoire goes well beyond bareback riding. As you'll see in the DVDs.

   Welcome to the world my cousins and I were raised in, one like other circus families but founded on our grandfather's passion for perfection.

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